Be the Generation to end AIDS by downloading, printing, and sharing the materials below. Be the Generation materials are available in English and in Spanish. To download an item, please click on the icon or link. You will need Acrobat® Reader® to view PDFs.

BTG Brochure:

          Mini Brochure English

BTG Poster:

An 11" x 17" poster printed on a slightly thick poster paper that features 18 individuals that represent different "faces" of the generation finding a vaccine to prevent HIV. The primary call to action is to visit the Be The Generation website.

BTG Customizable Poster:

This poster is identical to the standard poster with the addition of white space that can be used to highlight and promote local events.

Vaccine Mini Brochure:

This 3" x 5", double-sided, 8-panel mini brochure also features faces of Be The Generation and a call to action to visit the website. It includes basic questions and answers about research to find a vaccine to prevent HIV, and graphs,charts, and general information.

Vaccine Fact Sheet:

This 8 1/2 " x 11", double-sided, 4-panel fact sheet builds off the content of the mini brochure. It is the most comprehensive piece in the Be The Generation print suite. It goes into greater detail and provides additional information. The primary call to action is to visit the Be The Generation website. In addition, it introduces the concept of real people with real stories that support HIV vaccine research.

If you have questions about these materials or would like suggestions on conducting your own preventive HIV vaccine awareness events, please contact us at

Meet the people making a difference in HIV prevention research.