Community Profiles

Carmen Z

Location: Puerto Rico
Race/Ethnicity: Latino

What motivates you to help find an HIV vaccine?

Ive been working with women living with HIV for the past 25 years. Ive seen the advances in the prevention of mother-to-infant HIV transmission. I believe that because we have seen successes in other areas, such as treatments and prevention of prenatal transmission, we need to keep looking for solutions like a preventive vaccine.

Do you think we will be the generation to find an HIV vaccine?

I hope we are the generation that will facilitate the development of the preventive vaccine. I know that we are one generation interested in such a goal.

What can people do to help find an HIV vaccine?

We can help in different ways according to our interests and talents. Some people can volunteer, others can spread the word and help educate the community, and others can help with fundraising. Something that we could all do is support those who are volunteers and acknowledge their value, their strength, and their commitment./p>