Community Profiles

Lisa N.

Location: Washington, DC
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/American Indian

What motivates you in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

I am motivated to fight against HIV/AIDS by the opportunity to make a better world for our future generations. That includes a future where new HIV/AIDS infections have ended and people living with HIV/AIDS have access to the best opportunities to lead full lives.

What is your community doing in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

My community is speaking up, increasing testing, and working to reduce the stigma of this disease. People living with HIV/AIDS are courageously sharing their stories and giving a face to a virus that impacts us all.

What does your community need to know about an HIV vaccine?

When vaccines are available, it will be up to the community to actively engage in the process of deciding how best to include them in our overall prevention and care work. To do this, an open and honest discussion will be necessary about the risks and benefits of bringing this new tool into our families and homes.