Community Profiles

Lisa W.

Location: Atlanta
Race/Ethnicity: African American

What motivates you in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

I am motivated in the fight against HIV/AIDS because I am at risk for HIV/AIDS. As an African American single woman, I am at risk for HIV/AIDS every time I make a decision to engage in sex. I can practice behaviors to help reduce my risk, however I am always at risk each and every time I have sex, whether I use a condom, know my status, or trust my partner to be truthful about their status and their personal risk for HIV/AIDS.

What can people do to help find an HIV vaccine?

People can get educated, educate others, volunteer for vaccine research, and/or support friends and family who volunteer for HIV vaccine research. People can help organizations working for a vaccine.

What does your community need to know about an HIV vaccine?

My community needs to know everything available about HIV vaccines. What do researchers know and what do they hope to learn? People need to know what puts them at risk during an HIV vaccine trial and what are all the safety measures that have been put in place to keep them safe. People need to know why it is important for all communities to participate in finding an HIV vaccine and why it takes everyone to get involved. If not YOU then Who?