Community Profiles

Luis V

Location: Seattle
Race/Ethnicity: Latino

What motivates you in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

Gain a battle against a disease that is totally preventable! We can NO longer afford to be silent, we must fight this disease from all different possible angles! We must find a vaccine that helps us win this battle!

What is your "Community" doing in the fight against HIV/AIDS?

Community is made of different layers within a community! Our community is getting educated, getting tested, detecting HIV at its early stages, and getting treatment, our communities are volunteering in HIV vaccine studies!

What does your community need to know about HIV vaccines?

Our communities need to know all the many different ways we are trying to prevent this disease, from safe sex education & HIV testing, to microbicides, to an HIV vaccine. Our communities need to know it takes patience and a long time to find a cure, just like any other disease!